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New Events Company In Johannesburg: Svelte Events!

Published 18/04/2012 by Saint

Richard Carthy and his fiancée Lauri McKinlay have recently become partners in a brand new Events company operating out of Greenside in Johannesburg. They are joined by Marcus and Han Sapire and they aim to bring their many and varied talents to corporates and private functions in and around Jo’burg. As you all already know Richard and Lauri are both talented Ballroom and Latin American dancers and teachers and Richard is a skilled Fire Poi dancer too.

Both of them can sing, dance, act, and entertain, and Lauri has a diploma in Theatrical Make Up. Marcus is a branding and social media specialist with a degree from Vega and a passion for dance, fitness and media. Han adds her long experience as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur to the team. She is the main investor and has a growing passion for dance, especially Argentine tango.

There really is no limit – between the four of them and the other talented folk they have on their books – to what they can do for their clients.

If you are in Events Management and need to organise entertainment for your corporate client, Svelte Events will be able to supply what you need with a unique and customisable package whereby you can decide just what you need and the company will tailor their delivery just for you and your function.

The same goes for weddings, theme parties, 21st birthdays or other significant events or anniversaries, children’s parties, theatrical shows, dancing demos or informal parties where your guests can go on a “Swiftly Come Dancing” crash course and discover the exciting and dramatic world of dance. It doesn’t matter if your event or evening is big or small, family orientated or business, Svelte Events will add pizzazz and flair to the admiration of everyone in attendance.

Richard is a talented MC and he can host your function either in keeping with your theme if you have one, by getting into character and playing a suitable role in full costume and makeup or he can steer the event as himself, relaxed, funny, personable and charming and have your guests eating out of his hands.

Follow them on twitter @SvelteEvents and join them on Facebook – Svelte Events


For Jessica, now that you’re nineteen…..

Published 17/04/2012 by Saint

Many feelings assail you when your last born child has a significant birthday.  Today Jessica turns 19 and apart from feelings of great fondness for her and a fervent wish for all that is best in this world to befall her, I can’t help feeling slightly melancholic too.  It’s not a sadness exactly, more a kind of nostalgia for the days that seem so far away in one way, from when she was born, to when she learnt to crawl, sit, stand and walk, to her first days in Grade 1 to all the intervening years in between.  There were many times when I felt it was us against the world, only her tiny little presence kept me on the road to sanity and only she made me happy in times that were sometimes very bleak.

I remember she had a little toybox that was specially made for her, usually if you were looking for her, she could be found sitting in it playing with her toys.  She was quite autocratic with some of her toys and others she was very tender towards.  Sometimes I used to stand at the door and just watch her when she never knew I was there.  I remember one time wishing I had a camera because the late afternoon winter sunlight was streaming into the room onto her little blonde head and her voice was like a sweet brook babbling to her babies (she can’t have been more than one and a bit at this particular time).

She’s always been an original artist, she came up with her own ways of dressing, especially when she was becoming a teen, she wore stuff that was really funky and creative.

At one stage she decided to go goth and chucked out every coloured item of  clothing in her wardrobe.  She wore thick dark eye make up and black nail polish and dyed her hair black. She was quite young then, maybe around 14 but I let her do it cos I decided long ago I was never going to dictate to her about how to dress, who to be or what to wear, within reason, of course, since I was dictated to by my parents to a degree that stifled and strangled me, I knew I would never do that to her.

Wasn’t long before she declared her wardrobe dull and boring and went back to colourful outifits… hehe!  Parents know when to watch and wait hey?  Anyway, I don’t know that I was ever a very good parent, I think I have certainly been unconventional in that I’ve always let her have a lot of say about her own development and self determination (like a small country under my mandate perhaps).  Dunno if that was wise.

Anyway, she’s my little baby and she’s all growed up now and I am missing her as I write this, and I feel sad, happy, proud, and moved and grateful she was sent to me.  Many memories are flowing through my thoughts today my girl, so many times and happiness and all kinds of things we have been through and done together….

Happy Birthday to my little Mouse….. little Mouse no more but you’ll always be MY Mousey!


Monday randoms!

Published 16/04/2012 by Saint

Just before I start work for the day, I think I’ll list some things about me you may have known or may not have known.

  • Can’t have sticky hands or fingers.  Can’t do anything if they get sticky until I’ve cleaned them.  Similarly, cannot wash my hands without having cream to put on them directly afterwards.
  • Same with lip ice, if I brush my teeth, must apply lip ice afterwards.
  • I love marmalade on toast with tea in the mornings or Marmite with a lot of butter.
  • I like films and books that illustrate the dichotomies of life and its paradoxes.
  • I love Pink Floyd
  • I’ve recently changed my image and become quite well-groomed – make up and clothing etc.  I always wore make up to work but hardly ever otherwise
  • Cut my hair very short on Saturday
  • I put a profile up on a dating site but I don’t know if I’m really keen on meeting anyone.  Well, to rephrase, I am keen to meet someone who wants to be friends only.  Not into the idea of rolling about under any covers with anyone at the moment.  Doubt I’ll meet anyone though cos all men on there are on there to obtain someone with whom they can roll under the covers. They also want someone to cook their meals and wash their clothes.
  • I find it difficult to meet people because I feel it incumbent on me to make/sustain conversation whereas my natural bent is periods of quiet interspersed with talking as the desire grabs me.  I’m not naturally good at conversation per se, or for its own sake.  Hard to indulge in small talk too.  This is why I get quite nervous when I do meet new people and if I do meet anyone from the dating site I’m sure he’ll find me a tad dull.
  • what strikes me when reading through the dating site profiles is how many men use several of the following words/phrases/descriptions:
    • Come fly with me (who are they, fucking Frank Sinatra or what?!?!)
    • Outdoorsy, love the outdoors
    • Active, fit
    • Young at heart (this expression is seriously starting to grate me!)  What’s it supposed to mean?!
    • Many seem to like to call themselves Forever Young or similar nicknames.  The last thing I want is another son to care for, grow up man!
    • Looking for my Dream Woman…. ummm… hellooooooo!  There is no such thing you blinking dolt!
    • Want a Princess to Spoil…. ummm… spoil a woman & you’ll land up with a spoilt woman, fooooool!
    • Very energetic/high on energy, run on energy…. are they plugged into the mains?  If so one can only imagine how tedious and tiring their company will be, always on the go, unable to sit still… no ways!!
  • Another thing that strikes me – which is more poignant though – is how many really lonely people are out there. I can’t understand why this should be – we are all supposed to be a fellowship of man, how has it come to this situation where we live in isolated pockets, desperately trying to be happy/find happiness while hoping against hope to find someone who truly loves us, who will see us for what and who we are and will treasure us?
  • I love the colour pink, all the shades from baby pink to electric shocking pink.
  • My daughter was into pink for many years and now she claims she is not into ANY girly girl things anymore.
  • Unfortunately (depending on how she sees it) I bought her a girly girl bracelet for her birthday which is tomorrow but I rather think she will wear it cos she has a sentimental streak she likes to disguise.
  • I really enjoy proper conversations with people, where you actually communicate with people properly.

here is a pic of Moby that Jessica took recently at the kennels where he is staying.  Brilliant pic I think.  Illustrates the height he gets to when he jumps for his ball. Pitbulls are known as the Superdogs of the canine world, highly athletic and agile they can jump from a standstill like cats, to great heights.



I miss Moby but I know he is happy and well cared for there…. I’m hoping I’ll see him soon.  xx

Happy Monday everyone and remember, love yourself and someone else will find you loveable too!


On the Subject of Love, Pain, Friendship

Published 12/04/2012 by Saint

It’s the most beautiful day today outside here.  the sea is perfectly flat and calm, not a breath of wind stirs the waves, and the strong smell of kelp and ozone flood the air.

Today’s also the day Mike is having another operation to cut more of his leg off.  I’m not there with him because I have left him.  We are not together anymore.  But we are still friends and today I feel scared and sad about everything.

It is possible to still love someone you no longer wish to be with. It is possible to still care for their wellbeing and to wish you were there to hold their hand now, hypocritical as that may sound to some.  It is possible to remember all the good times and none of the bad times at times like this when life and death hang in the balance and you know you might not even see the person alive again.  It means there exists in your heart the dichotomy of love and friendship against the hurt and pain, the reasons why you left.  Then some say, surely none of that is important when someone is in such dire straits?

Surely you should put aside all things and be there?

These questions keep me awake, they make me feel sick to the stomach, confused, dreadful, craven.

In February I went with Mike to a small Catholic chapel in Bedfordview.  His sister was there, so was Brandon, his brother Shannon and a friend.  The chapel doesn’t often hold services, it’s a place of refuge for souls in distress where you can go to pray or just to sit in contemplation of peace or a soul’s redemption perhaps.

We all knelt together and said the Lord’s Prayer.  After that we kept quiet in our own silent communion with God and all I could hear were the birds outside and I felt a deep sense of peace even in the midst of my own emotional turmoil on that day.  I don’t have that chapel here, but I do have the waves, I don’t have the trees but I do have the beach and I think it was once said by Jesus perhaps that wherever we may seek him becomes a church itself.

I just wept now after he said over the phone, “it won’t be long before I see you again, Coll, will it?”

Sometimes the sadness and poignancy of life can be overwhelming.

We only know of one duty, and that is to love.

Albert Camus (1913 – 1960)

Picture Blog

Published 07/04/2012 by Saint



terribly sorry I’ve not been in touch for a while; what with one thing and another….


The intervening days have been quite eventful, packed with interesting doings, good food, my birthday the Eagles in concert in Cape Town!!! (My birthday present from my sister!!!), moving house, etc.  I’ll put some pics up cos I’m too busy mucking about on Facebook and I also have to do some work later…  this photo is so blurred cos the Cape Town South Easter was howling!  Pic 1- My ticket!!

The night sky through the stadium roof:

weird angle of stadium from the bottom!  Unreal piece of engineering this stadium!!


me in Granny mode! They laughed like drains at me and couldn’t even hold the camera still!


me again:


and a sweet pic



and foul but hilarious: