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Epic Moment!

Published 30/05/2012 by Saint

I was walking along the beach today playing Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock ‘n Roll (amongst other things but this was the song playing right then). The sea to my right was grey, cold and wild and the waves were high.  There were several surfers in the water already but I noticed another young guy getting out of a car and making his way to the beach.

I was some distance away from him but as I got nearer to him he got nearer to the sea. He quickly attached his board to his ankle and as I drew level he gave me a wink and a smile and literally charged headlong into the sea.  I was so full of admiration for his attitude, body language and sheer exuberance of spirit that I forgot to get my camera out (and what a shot that would have made).  But never mind the shot, the story is what counts; and the message.

I decided there and then to charge headlong into life, the same way I always used to.  And if I ever get nervous I’ll remember the look on that guy’s face as he ran straight into the icy cold sea.

Epic.  Trust me, that was an epic moment.



in closing, two pieces to make you think:







Fantastic Journey, amazing people!!

Published 29/05/2012 by Saint

Lately I’ve been on an incredibly interesting journey, both in my head and in my life.  During my marriage I developed a way of operating that was functional but not much fun.  I did all that was required of me (and a lot more) and I most certainly must’ve looked the part but I wasn’t engaged, wholly, not in my heart, or at least, not for a long, long time.  Not that Mike and I fought, we usually got on well, but there was a limit to our interaction… like a line drawn we could both see but never discussed.

In past weeks I’ve “met” a range of very interesting people and formed incredible bonds with a good couple of them.  The bonds were forged almost instantaneously and thoroughly, if I can put it like that; the result being an ability to talk to these certain people (and be spoken back to by them) in a curiously, thoroughly intimate way. In a way I never spoke to my husband in all the eleven years I’ve been married to him. And I’m not necessarily talking about sex here. I’m talking about me having opened myself up to any possibilities:  be they discussions, ideas, approaches, thoughts, wants, needs, knowledge, ignorance… just anything.  I’m open to it all.  I’m not closing any doors, I’m not avoiding, forbidding (mentally or vocally) any paths I or anyone else might want to walk down.  I feel almost as if I’m walking through a jungle, say, and someone just says oh, what’s down here?  and I say, I dunno but let’s go check. And we go check. And it’s fun. We laugh, a lot.  I woke myself up, laughing, last night.

The results of this …. what can I call it… this… unencumbered approach have been astonishing in that I find myself very very happy, most of the time.  I’m energised, I’m alive, I feel like I’m bubbling over with interest in everything around me.  My dreams are vivid, bold swathes of colour, form, the stories springing fully made, into my sub-conscious mind…

My pre-dawn walks on the beach with my sister and the dogs are also amazing! I mean I thought it’d be a schlepp, when we undertook to do them; I thought I’d battle to get up, battle with the cold, feel the whole thing was a drag but when you walk outdoors and see the blue velvet sky and the cold remote stars, and there’s hardly a soul in the streets but you, you feel like you’re really walking IN life.  Not past it.

Incredible journey.  Really amazingly incredible.

For all of you who are making it so beautiful for me – you all know who you are – thank you so very much.  This is really amazing!

And here’s my latest obsession.  Axl Rose.  Another red head!!


Elvis!!! Again!! Still!!! Forever!!!!

Published 24/05/2012 by Saint

I dunno how many blogs I have written about Elvis during my more-than-a-decade of blogging history. My more stalwart readers may groan and say, ” Oh Lord not AGAIN”, if they see me start heading down the Elvis route but anyone who truly loves the King, like I do will jump up, punch the air and say “YEAH!  Another Elvis blog!  Yay!”

In any event tonight we’re going to Grand West Casino to see an Elvis Tribute concert so I’m so super excited I’ve almost convinced myself I’ll be seeing the man himself.

[Speaking of which, if you never caught it on Facebook, at supper the night before last, my sister asks our mom whether she wants to come to the Elvis concert at Grand West with us. Silence. Then: “But he’s dead isn’t he?” Mom says in baffled tones. We nearly choked on our supper. While we’re trying to recover she adds: “No I don’t think I’ll go thanks, I don’t like seances”. You can only imagine the rest folks! That woman should get a twitter account I always say! ROFLMAO].

I love Elvis for the following reasons:

  • he had a good and dry sense of humour
  • he must’ve been brave breaking the mould like he did with his hip shaking pelvis rocking performances
  • also for a white boy to sing “nigger” songs at that time in history was extraordinary
  • he loved people
  • he loved music
  • he loved God
  • he believed in a spiritual realm beyond the one that we see
  • he was an idealist, wanted a better world
  • he had a vocal range that was extraordinary
  • he was fucking hot
  • he loved:
    •  horses
    • cars
    • not women, really
    • food
    • and gospel music
    • geetars

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?????  Tee hee!

The King!!




“Deep in my heart there’s a trembling question

Still I am sure that the answer, answer’s gonna come somehow

Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle, yeah

And while I can think, while I can talk

While I can stand, while I can walk

While I can dream, please let my dream come true,

oh Right now, let it come true right now Oh yeah”



click here to watch the video if embed doesn’t work:

Sex Sites and Moi

Published 23/05/2012 by Saint

There are certain things that focus your own knowledge about yourself, in this life.  The dating game is one of those.

More lately I joined a sex site, as I got tired of the drivel the dating people spoke, all about moonlit walks and every singe last one of them a complete alcoholic by the sounds of it, especially those from the Western Cape.  There must be some cult going on down here cos they all seemingly love the beach, they are crazy about nature and the outdoors (beginning to wonder if “nature and the outdoors” isn’t some kind of dogdy sexual euphemism recognised by those in the know!), quaff huge quantities of red wine (no other drink will do, seemingly) and roll around in front of log fires day in and day out.  Cardboard cutouts, I found.  *snore*.

I decided to go to the source, so to speak. Put myself out there as looking for sex and see what I came up with.  You’d be surprised to hear the people I’ve found are better, more interesting and mostly more direct than on the rather tamer dating sites.  So far I’ve met two people, but meeting a third tonight.  The only awkwardness is that now you”ve said you’re in it for sex, you’re expected to, you know, have sex. ….. !!! LOL!    Well I’m not detailing YET what I have done about that one…. maybe you’ll get the lowdown on that in a blog to follow.

I will say though, that my searches have uncovered the following about my tastes in men:

  • I’ve always known I love slender men, lithe might be the word, not excessively built but defined, if you know what I mean.
  • Cant bear overly muscular men but have discovered I do like a bit of muscle
  • I also, conversely, enjoy large men, usually they’re quite jolly and good fun I find
  • I’m attracted to men’s mouths, if he has a hot mouth I look twice at the profile. Same goes for hands
  • MUST be intelligent
  • and funny if possible
  • and affectionate
  • maybe a bit wry, like he thinks the whole thing’s also a bit of a laugh
  • Prefer light coloured eyes, green being my favourite
  • Not keen on beards or stubble, like clean shaven, relatively hairless men
  • Having said that, not keen on shaved genital areas.  Seems a bit effeminate to me
  • would feel the same about bleached bum areas.  A bit toooooo much attention being paid to the nether regions, is my view.  leaves you to wonder how much goes on upstairs.
  • Quite like the guys with pics of their dicks in the profiles
  • Prefer circumcised to uncircumcised
  • Prefer younger men by far
  • They’ve got more energy
  • They’re sweeter
  • They’ve got no baggage (or little)
  • They seem quite clear on what they want and like
  • Avoid married men
  • Not keen on blonde men
  • Don’t like men who pose with their bums showing first.
  • Like pics of confident-looking men
  • Like decisive men
  • Like nice teeth

I’ll share more about my sex sites journey as I go along. Meeting someone else tonight.

Will apprise.

But ja, all this talk of sex and lurking about on sex sites makes you want to meet someone you can do this with:

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Reader’s Digest 10,000 steps challenge

Published 14/05/2012 by Saint

The recent Reader’s Digest was talking about a 10 000 steps challenge.  The idea is to increase people’s overall health by encouraging them to “Think Walking” if one can put it like that.   Well, I call it a challenge only because I choose to take it up

My sister and I are starting this tomorrow.  First goal is 10 000 steps. That means walking whenever you can: don’t get into the car to go down to the corner cafe, walk there.  Don’t get into the car to go to the library, walk there.  And so on.

The next goal is 12 000 steps. And so on. 

Obviously one will need a good pair of shoes and a pedometer. 

Are you with us on this?

(the other good thing about it is that it’s better for the environment to walk than to drive)

I’m planning to blog about this endeavour and let you all know how it goes.  Step by Step!

Big ups to Reader’s Digest for making me think about this and for encouraging us to make changes and meet challenges like this one!

I’m raring to go now!  Starting time:  06h00 tomorrow 15th May 2012.


My weekend

Published 13/05/2012 by Saint

Things I did this weekend:


Met a man off a site on FB

Met another man off a site on FB

Kissed a man

Went to listen to the Cape Flats Tenors at Villa Pascal – awesomeness is not the word!

Tried to help my sister save someone from him/herself…  we’re not sure where we are with this.

It was poignant though

went shopping with my sister

ate a footlong roti filled with mutton curry bought in Mowbray

took part in an epic scene between my sister her boyfriend and some random chick who pulled up in her car and wanted to make demands on the boyfriend…  in some random street in Obs.  We (sis and I) were flanking the b/f and we just stood there in utter silence, well, we ALL just stood there while the chick sat in her car and tried to persuade the bf to go over to her; but the moment was epic and worthy of a film.  There was so much said in silence.  You had to be there but trust me – with the sound, the lighting, the street, the surrounds, the moment was film-worthy.  Even David Lynch-worthy….    Epic.

Ja and I made a new friend at this concert tonight.  He might think i am mad cos I was just sniffling crying periodically, with tears falling out of my eyes (I get very moved by beautiful music) and getting cold shivers.


At two lots of salmon (I’ll put pics up of some of these events tomorrow)

all in all a fascinating, moving, interesting weekend.