The Art of Female Masturbation/Vaginal Stimulation or how to get your woman hot…. Part I

Published 29/06/2012 by Saint

Poor blog!  sadly neglected! Hehe!

How many of you women masturbate daily?  How many masturbate a couple of times a week?  How many watch yourselves when you’re doing it?  How many recoil in horror at the very idea of masturbating?  When was the last time any woman reading this blog masturbated?  What do you masturbate with if you do?  Toys, or just your hands (I’m a just my hands kinda girl). Do you have an elaborate mental fantasy or fantasies to help stimulate yourselves sexually?  Have you ever shown your partner how you like to touch yourself so he knows how to do it to you?

Men need a firmer, faster touch than women do and often they make the mistake of touching us as firmly as/as fast as/as quickly as they touch themselves,  While there is a time in any woman’s masturbation session for speed or firmness in my case the order of the day is very much gentle smooth and consistent.  A slow, slow, stroking, languid movement that starts at the bottom of the vagina and moves slowly and sensually over the outer labia for some time before moving to the inner labia gets me very excited.  By the time the inner lips are touched the vagina will be slick, hot and wet.  Patience is also very necessary. Difficult for a man because a man’s instinct once he has an erection is to put it in a hot vagina.  This causes a problem when the vagina is not hot or wet enough.

Once the inner labia are touched the heat rises exponentially.  At this stage you should be rubbing them from the bottom up and over the clitoris, or from the top down, whatever pleases you better: I like from the bottom up, I find it very exciting and that very light almost fleeting touch of the clit makes me start to writhe which is the first sign of massive excitement for me.

I’ll carry on with Part II tomorrow.  Your thoughts, ideas and impressions plus any stories you would like to share, either in the blog comments or privately with me via email or im or bbm or whatever else-em, would be most welcome.

I’d love to hear from both sexes on this one.




9 comments on “The Art of Female Masturbation/Vaginal Stimulation or how to get your woman hot…. Part I

  • I am a woman who masturbates several times a week. I tend to use toys. My favorite is a glass dildo that can be warmed in the microwave.

  • Twice a day since I was ten years old. I even do it when I’m dating a woman. In fact, that’s usually how we, as a couple, reach that point. If we like each other, but don’t want to jump in bed, we’ll sit n the floor in front of each other & take care of ourselves. I don’t touch her (or allow her to touch me) and we can still have fun and a good release without making each other uncomfortable.

  • I’m a bloke aged 40 who for 24 years has never had sex, never met a girl to’.

    Are women for sex, meeting up with one new for such enjoyable and shared times? Doing anything wisely at first but is such activity near the top of the reasons to why a women would get together with him??

  • How did I know I would be the first to comment?? Myself, I prefer the personal touch…as in no toys, but I have many toys…I agree a slower softer touch is necessary with us females, but as you know once we are hot…there is no stopping us. To add to your question, how many women have experienced the difference between a vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm?? Would be interesting to find out

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