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Friends: For G (or S)

Published 04/07/2012 by Saint

I recently spent time with someone who knows me very well indeed.  Haven’t seen him for years but it was like I only saw him yesterday.

It’s comforting to be known well by someone.You don’t have to explain yourself or try to make yourself understood, cos, well, he just knows you. Knows all about you. Maybe not what toothpaste you use but everything else that’s important – such as who you actually are – is known and more than known, accepted, enjoyed, embraced and just … celebrated.

And to know someone that well in return is just as lovely!

Considering that in the intervening years I’ve done as much as possible to be as little known as possible in any of my intimate or so-called significant relationships it was refreshing to be reminded that once I did allow unfettered access to my heart and mind.  And it’s more than refreshing, it’s a jolting notification that I must do that once again…..

Thanks for reminding me about that G. 

We’ll remain friends for life.  Even putting it like that doesn’t quite cover it but I know you”ll know just what I mean.

Bit of a sentimental quote below, but what got me about it was the remembering.  What is your life about if no one knows you, if no one remembers you, if you were important to no one?