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Impressions of Namibia

Published 14/08/2012 by Saint

I got back from two weeks in Namibia yesterday. Feeling slightly sick so for now I’ll jot down some impressions, pics and other stories will follow.

Things I loved about Namibia:

Lying down in the desert. Sun on my face, pebbles under my back. Just me and the desert and the wide blue sky. The silence was mind opening and calming.

Swakopmund; the town is quaint and charming, the sea, bilious grey sharky waters and wild. Went out to a restaurant on the end of a long pier, waves so high and wild you felt you were in the sea. Got an idea of how it must feel to surf. Saw a jellyfish and some dolphins.

Dune 7. Awesomely large and beautiful. Watched in admiration as one of our group climbed it. Amazingly hectic to do.

Etosha Safari Lodge: had to spend a night there (unscheduled). What a beautiful place; exquisite food, wonderful views, amazing staff.. The stars at night!! Wow

Huge distances

Lots of road travel

The clickety clack of the train on the track (plagiarising Neil Diamond) rocking me to sleep

Wild dancing party on the train, never danced on a train before. Getting down with the African staff was amazing, man they can move like no one’s business, we whiteys pale in comparison. Seeing one of the passengers, a doctor, do gumboot dancing was wow too!!!

Fancy dress night (the same night) – three guys in drag looked sooo good and were funny, spirits were high and we all laughed like mad!

The staff on the train, the guides, the wildnerness, the Namibian people (so friendly, answer to every ‘thank you’ is ‘you’re welcome’). South African service staff could learn a thing or two from these people.

Lovely peeps on the train!! Very friendly and funny

What’ve you lot been up to in my absence? Any eggciting adventures, murders, alien visitations? Anything I should know about? Haha!!

More later !!!