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01 January 2015

Published 01/01/2015 by Saint

Well Happy New Year peeps. In keeping with my decision to write a lot this year, I am kicking off with a blog. My year in review and a bit of what I learnt in 2014, follows.

Actually 2014 was a very eventful year for me, in terms of what I learnt about myself.  I did a hell of a lot of moving around, winding up finally in the shelter where we still live.

Mike had his second amputation and we learnt to face each day positively. I found a brilliant psychologist that I still see, who I really click with and who finally gave me a definitive answer on what’s going on with me, I got a diagnosis I can finally understand and completely relate to when I compare it to my life.

I learnt that even the grimmest situations can be hilarious, and touching and funny. I learnt that homeless people are not crummy and I discovered that what I considered my greatest defeat (landing up in a shelter) could actually be seen as a great learning opportunity. Once I changed my perspective I found myself enjoying the place much more and my place within it.

I have been angry and sad and defeated and apathetic this year but I have also been driven and disciplined and have cared for Mike with great love and affection, so there is lots about myself and my doings this year that have made me proud.

Never say die, is definitely a motto I have always embraced and in 2014 I REALLY found myself living each day by it.

The people of Retreat have been warm and friendly to us, and shown us great respect and helped us a stack even physically over pavements and up stairs and over railway bridges and everywhere.

I’ve been very quiet lately online but I am very busy with a hell of a lot of changes and Jess is  here too.

I wish everyone the best of the best for 2015 and I thank you all for your support and love and help throughout 2014.

Now to lose weight, write my book and stop smoking!! hahahahaaaa!


This is what I look like atm:


But hey, weight is not like manners. If you haven’t got manners it is unlikely you will ever develop any. If you are a lard tub, you can always get:


Anyway whatever this year has in store for all of us, I say we face it all with lots of humour and a great helping of compassion and affection.

Just do one small thing a day for the next person, no matter how random.