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Elvis!!! Again!! Still!!! Forever!!!!

Published 24/05/2012 by Saint

I dunno how many blogs I have written about Elvis during my more-than-a-decade of blogging history. My more stalwart readers may groan and say, ” Oh Lord not AGAIN”, if they see me start heading down the Elvis route but anyone who truly loves the King, like I do will jump up, punch the air and say “YEAH!  Another Elvis blog!  Yay!”

In any event tonight we’re going to Grand West Casino to see an Elvis Tribute concert so I’m so super excited I’ve almost convinced myself I’ll be seeing the man himself.

[Speaking of which, if you never caught it on Facebook, at supper the night before last, my sister asks our mom whether she wants to come to the Elvis concert at Grand West with us. Silence. Then: “But he’s dead isn’t he?” Mom says in baffled tones. We nearly choked on our supper. While we’re trying to recover she adds: “No I don’t think I’ll go thanks, I don’t like seances”. You can only imagine the rest folks! That woman should get a twitter account I always say! ROFLMAO].

I love Elvis for the following reasons:

  • he had a good and dry sense of humour
  • he must’ve been brave breaking the mould like he did with his hip shaking pelvis rocking performances
  • also for a white boy to sing “nigger” songs at that time in history was extraordinary
  • he loved people
  • he loved music
  • he loved God
  • he believed in a spiritual realm beyond the one that we see
  • he was an idealist, wanted a better world
  • he had a vocal range that was extraordinary
  • he was fucking hot
  • he loved:
    •  horses
    • cars
    • not women, really
    • food
    • and gospel music
    • geetars

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?????  Tee hee!

The King!!




“Deep in my heart there’s a trembling question

Still I am sure that the answer, answer’s gonna come somehow

Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle, yeah

And while I can think, while I can talk

While I can stand, while I can walk

While I can dream, please let my dream come true,

oh Right now, let it come true right now Oh yeah”



click here to watch the video if embed doesn’t work:


Music, Music Award, Odd Things, Fickleness

Published 14/02/2012 by Saint

I’ve got Whitney Houston’s Where do Broken Hearts Go song playing on the soundtrack of my mind today.  When I woke up it was Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called to Say I Love you, which, if one considers the happenings of the past – oh, nearly a  week, can be called nothing but irony since romance is the furthest thing from my mind.  Avoidance of complete descent into insanity being uppermost I cannot imagine why I would wake up singing a Stevie Wonder song I don’t even like.

The Whitney Houston ear worm can comfortably be explained away by the fact that we are currently inundated by visions, quotes, pictures and songs of the late Ms H. I won’t even go into the appalling hypocrisy of the majority who are tearing their hair out and gnashing their teeth at her untimely demise.

I happened to catch a clip from the Grammys which, as you all know by now, were turned into a mini-obituary for the late singer, and I felt nauseated at the over the top, oleaginous, excessively hypocritically maudlin outpourings of a musical community that actually never gave a stuff for the drug ridden alcoholic she was.

I admired her voice but I resented the resultant spawning of tons of ‘singers’ who could do nothing but attempt to imitate her although they lacked the fundamental brilliant talent she had and only managed to churn out songs that made them sound like tortured cats.  But the music world  (and the public) are fickle and people clearly forgot the brilliance of The Voice (as Whitney Houston was known) and never realised she could not be emulated with any accuracy at all.

Having said all this, I was never a fan of her music, did not really like her, considered her vain, arrogant, high-handed and insecure, and I never bought one of her tracks, never downloaded, copied or ever thought of any of her work at all.  Having said all THAT,  I do feel compassion for her demise and death as I would when hearing of anyone who had destroyed himself, but I do not consider the event a tragedy as the world would have me see it.

The Bodyguard was nothing more than a flagrant attempt (and a quite successful one in some ways) to buck up her failing career and restore her in the eyes of the (fickle) public I mentioned before.

Speaking of The Grammys, I must say – not having heard Adele speak before – I was most surprised to hear she has a rather annoying quite high-pitched speaking voice as opposed to her beautiful mellow singing tones….. I find this unusual as most people I have met have singing voices that are similar to their speaking voices.

I can usually tell by listening to someone speak whether they’d have a good singing voice but if that were the criterion I had applied to Adele I would never have given her an audition.  Funny thing, impressions, hey?  Felt a bit sorry for her because the Whitney affair stole her thunder altogether…. wonder how she felt about that. I did see a clip of her weepingly accepting one of her many awards but that also got on my nerves as I am not terribly keen on overly emotional displays at awards ceremonies or maybe I’m just anti any kind of emotional over-indulgence at this time….?

not sure what the point of this blog is – although I am denigrating the outpourings for Whitney Houston I have in effect written quite a complimentary little tribute of my own; although I like Adele I am criticising her tears and voice….

and don’t think you can get me to say anything about VD.  Unless you want a discourse on the Sexually Transmitted Disease…

Does Demi mean half?

Published 06/02/2012 by Saint

I see Demi Moore has been shunted off to rehab for drug dependence and an eating disorder. As usual, this was after insisting there was noooothing at all wrong with her.  Do these people think we, the public, is blind?

I mean ever since she has all that PLASTIC SURGERY (George!!!) all them years back after marrying that moon-faced pratt Kutcher, she’s begun to look increasingly freakish with each passing year (or photo shoot, whichever comes first – she said bitchily).

No, I’m afraid I’ve never been a fan of the gravel voiced (one time) beauty. She’s always got on my nerves because I’ve never been able to see past her, into whatever ‘character’ she was supposedly playing.  Awful actress. Far too self aware. A good actor should immerse himself in his role until we, the audience, loses him, and sees only the character.  She was never good. Only lovely to look at.

Although one has to seriously question her name… Demi?  Are you serious?  Doesn’t demi mean half?  *goes off to consult her lexicon…*

Yup… so it does (from dictionary.com):


 a combining form appearing in loanwords from French meaning “half” ( demilune ), “lesser” ( demitasse ), or sometimes used with a pejorative sense ( demimonde ); on this model, also prefixed to words of English origin ( demigod ).

< French,  combining form representing demi  (adj.; also noun and adv.) < Vulgar Latin *dīmedius,  for Latin dīmidius  half, equivalent to dī- di-2  + medius  middle


…. Now who the hell would call their child Demi?  Half Moore?  Are you seriaas?  LOL… Is less Moore???

Oh dear…. George is going to blow a gasket when he reads this. We’ve nearly come to virtual blows before on the issue of whether she did or did not have plastic surgery and had he not been in Bonnie Scotland and I in good ole R Ess Ay we would have come to actual blows as George was of the view that Demi was so (half …*snort*) perfect she would never need to sully herself with plastic surgery. I said she was so vain she’d never be able to resist having plastic surgery as her image was everything to her.   Back and forth we went, in increasingly angry and bitter mails until we never spoke for a week or two at all…

She also gave the impression of being a control freak. I can imagine her scrolling through her baby’s husband’s cell phone and stalking him all over town to make sure he’s not running off into the wild blue yonder with some younger, sexier poppie. I can imagine she’s delighted with her square-jawed offspring, being quite sure they can never steal her thunder or overshadow her in any way in the beauty stakes.

The time has come for a before and after snap (or in this case an after and before one).

I  hope when you emerge from rehab you won’t become emotionally dependent on some idiotically young , as I say, pratt, to the extent that you become perpetually insecure and turn into an emotional wreck.