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Food Glorious Food and Open Air Dining on the Cape West Coast

Published 27/01/2012 by Saint

I have to treat myself to a takeaway luncheon today and I’m torn between Chinese, Indian and Sushi.  If I do go for Chinese, do I want the prawn fried rice or the chicken chow mein?  Both sound delicious. If I go for the Indian, do I want the oriental vegetable curry or do I go for the prawn curry (I’m craving prawns, you will see they’re a recurring theme here). On the other hand I could easily make short work of a lamb briyani.  The trouble with sushi is one can never get enough of it, and it is expensive so I think I’ll have to scrap the sushi idea for now…although the idea of a tempura battered prawn hand roll is too much… *mouth waters*.  When I have hand rolls I ask them to leave the rice out, tastes much better.

I’m not much of a fan of rice since the financial drought of 2004 when we ate rice in every possible permutation one could imagine: fried rice, boiled rice, rice with stew, rice with stir fry, rice with beans, rice with tomato sauce at some times – rice, rice, rice…. UGH!!  I started to feel like a walking rice paddy. Put me off the stuff I can tell you.  I do still enjoy brown rice and wild rice. I like risotto when I am in the mood for it, though it can be too rich. I went through a jasmine rice phase but that became too perfume-y. I still love basmati rice though, will never tire of that.

I feel I should go for curry and I’ll make it a strong one as during this past week I’ve had some fluish symptoms that curry can get rid of for me.

Must admit I’ve gone off meat lately.  I’ll never go off seafood or fish ever.

Once I went up the West Coast with my sister and we went to Muisbosskerm, which is an open air seafood restaurant that offers every kind of seafood one can think of.  You pay X amount and you can eat all you like (this place is just down the road from Lambert’s Bay, about 2.5 hours from Cape Town) and if you are up there you HAVE TO GO THERE.  Unfortunately I couldn’t eat as much as I would have liked to simply because I couldn’t fit any more in but what I did sample was:

  • lobster
  • paella
  • fresh tuna on the coals
  • fresh cape salmon also braaied
  • loads of prawns
  • great portions of calamari, tossed on a pan over flame
  • fresh West Coast snoek
  • HUGE West Coast mussels (and mussel shells were our knives and forks)
  • and we ended off the night sitting round a fire eating hot, freshly baked white bread and home-made apricot jam

before we ate we sat on a low wall facing the sea and watched the sun go down (have a look at the website on the link and you’ll see the views).  It was such an amazing time, the food, the road trip, just my sister and I, I felt like we were the only people on earth and I’ll never forget a moment of it.

Was just everything it should have been and more.

We really do live in a beautiful country, we have lovely food and wonderful places to see.  I’m also very lucky to have a sister who’s taken me all over to places I’d never get to see otherwise.

Thank you, Glynnis