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Following the Waves

Published 07/09/2012 by Saint

There’s a slight sea mist and a silvery glint on the waves.
There’s a boat that’s come to shore with fishermen wading in the water, they cast a striking silhouette in the strange light.
I wonder where they live
If they’re happy
If they beat their wives
If they have affairs
If they have dreams of singing hard rock or opera
If they love the sea.

Some days are filled
With questions
Strange imaginings
Some days
Just drift
Like seaweed on the waves
On a still day

Some days every exchange you have
Is loaded and exciting
Some days you battle to find anything to say at all.

All life is a series of waves:
Tides coming in
Neap, high, low, spring
Currents pulling and dragging
Throwing you on the sand
Where sometimes you lie like Ursula Andress in her white bikini being kissed with lust
And other times you barely get your feet wet

But the tides carry on regardless of your involvement
With them.
They were here long before
We were born
They’ll continue long after
We are gone

I don’t know if I find that comforting
Or desolate
Does continuity recognise us
Or are we just foam
On the waves?


Impressions of Namibia

Published 14/08/2012 by Saint

I got back from two weeks in Namibia yesterday. Feeling slightly sick so for now I’ll jot down some impressions, pics and other stories will follow.

Things I loved about Namibia:

Lying down in the desert. Sun on my face, pebbles under my back. Just me and the desert and the wide blue sky. The silence was mind opening and calming.

Swakopmund; the town is quaint and charming, the sea, bilious grey sharky waters and wild. Went out to a restaurant on the end of a long pier, waves so high and wild you felt you were in the sea. Got an idea of how it must feel to surf. Saw a jellyfish and some dolphins.

Dune 7. Awesomely large and beautiful. Watched in admiration as one of our group climbed it. Amazingly hectic to do.

Etosha Safari Lodge: had to spend a night there (unscheduled). What a beautiful place; exquisite food, wonderful views, amazing staff.. The stars at night!! Wow

Huge distances

Lots of road travel

The clickety clack of the train on the track (plagiarising Neil Diamond) rocking me to sleep

Wild dancing party on the train, never danced on a train before. Getting down with the African staff was amazing, man they can move like no one’s business, we whiteys pale in comparison. Seeing one of the passengers, a doctor, do gumboot dancing was wow too!!!

Fancy dress night (the same night) – three guys in drag looked sooo good and were funny, spirits were high and we all laughed like mad!

The staff on the train, the guides, the wildnerness, the Namibian people (so friendly, answer to every ‘thank you’ is ‘you’re welcome’). South African service staff could learn a thing or two from these people.

Lovely peeps on the train!! Very friendly and funny

What’ve you lot been up to in my absence? Any eggciting adventures, murders, alien visitations? Anything I should know about? Haha!!

More later !!!

The Art of Female Masturbation/Vaginal Stimulation or how to get your woman hot…. Part I

Published 29/06/2012 by Saint

Poor blog!  sadly neglected! Hehe!

How many of you women masturbate daily?  How many masturbate a couple of times a week?  How many watch yourselves when you’re doing it?  How many recoil in horror at the very idea of masturbating?  When was the last time any woman reading this blog masturbated?  What do you masturbate with if you do?  Toys, or just your hands (I’m a just my hands kinda girl). Do you have an elaborate mental fantasy or fantasies to help stimulate yourselves sexually?  Have you ever shown your partner how you like to touch yourself so he knows how to do it to you?

Men need a firmer, faster touch than women do and often they make the mistake of touching us as firmly as/as fast as/as quickly as they touch themselves,  While there is a time in any woman’s masturbation session for speed or firmness in my case the order of the day is very much gentle smooth and consistent.  A slow, slow, stroking, languid movement that starts at the bottom of the vagina and moves slowly and sensually over the outer labia for some time before moving to the inner labia gets me very excited.  By the time the inner lips are touched the vagina will be slick, hot and wet.  Patience is also very necessary. Difficult for a man because a man’s instinct once he has an erection is to put it in a hot vagina.  This causes a problem when the vagina is not hot or wet enough.

Once the inner labia are touched the heat rises exponentially.  At this stage you should be rubbing them from the bottom up and over the clitoris, or from the top down, whatever pleases you better: I like from the bottom up, I find it very exciting and that very light almost fleeting touch of the clit makes me start to writhe which is the first sign of massive excitement for me.

I’ll carry on with Part II tomorrow.  Your thoughts, ideas and impressions plus any stories you would like to share, either in the blog comments or privately with me via email or im or bbm or whatever else-em, would be most welcome.

I’d love to hear from both sexes on this one.



Snowy Spacey Sutherland

Published 12/06/2012 by Saint

I’m at the Vida Cafe, love the music they play here…

You’re lucky to have me back actually after my stint in freezing Sutherland this past weekend.

Sutherland is a place in the Northern Cape Karoo region, for those of you who do not know, and it’s the coldest place in South Africa. The lowest recorded temperature was -16.4°C sometime in 2003 and when we were there the temp was close to -5°C!!

For more information on Sutherland in general, click here.

Sutherland has also been of interest to me for ages and I’m really glad I finally got to go there, because of the SALT telescope, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, a third of which was paid for and is owned by South Africa, did you know that?  I knew we had some hand in it but I never knew we owned it.  We went on a tour that was led by a very interesting man who was clearly a scientist of some kind but who had that gift – unusual for intellectual giants – of being able to make his audience understand complex matters of science and astronomy with complete ease.  I never knew, for example, that all of astronomy that is of any interest to the astronomers is spectroscopy; without which the science of astronomy would be operating literally and metaphorically in the dark.

The tour started at the visitors centre and then we went up to the SALT telescope by car.  Snow was falling by this time, to our immense delight, so we travelled across a deserted, icy cold landscape populated with smaller telescopes dotted here and there.  The feeling was definitely lunar.  All of these telescopes are operated by computer, the smaller ones.

Then we went up to the SALT telescope:

At this stage the temperature was dropping, people!  Sjoe!

This telescope’s mirror is based on a new design, there are 91 pieces of mirror comprising the single Primary Mirror (the thing that looks like a patchwork quilt below):

Apart from the phenomenal ingenuity of the telescope itself (which is based on the design of the famous HET telescope in Texas) one has to admire the engineering that went into the building of the telescope.  Amazing. truly amazing what the human mind can conceive and build!    The reason the mirrors on the Primary mirror look like a patchwork quilt is that some are cleaner than others. They clean them with some regularity but the cleaning job itself can take three days, one whole day to get two pieces of mirror out at a time!  While we were there, two pieces were out for cleaning, so we actually only saw 89 of the 91 mirrors.

[While all this was going on my eye had been caught by a James Spader lookalike, more about him to follow]

Once we left the SALT telescope we walked into a blizzard!  I was so thrilled to be in a blizzard!  It meant more snow was falling than I had ever seen in my life!

haahahaaa most likely my American friends who have had to shovel their cars out of snow laden driveways more times than they can count are phoning around for white-walled places for me to spend some restful time in, but, ja, in Africa when we have seen snow, we’ve seen it already on the ground (in 1981 in some quantity) and never falling.  Well .. that is to say, I’ve never seen it falling…

me in blizzard (all the while plotting how to get this JS fella’s number, I was walking behind him, he’s in pic 1 below here closest to camera):


I had seven layers on!  I was fucking freeeeezing but having the time of my life….

Anyway I decided I couldn’t let the JS lookalike fade out of my hemisphere without at least trying to talk to him. He was with two older men, so in this blizzard I struck up a convo with one of the older men, while JS posed in the snow asking the bloke to take a portrait pic of him.  We managed to insert ourselves firmly into the proceedings cos the older man didn’t understand what he meant by portrait and kept holding the camera the wrong way but I understood he meant the opposite of landscape so I cleared up the matter and got a cute smile from JS for my troubles…..

Long story short, we found out that JS is an organist and music teacher and when I said I’d like to hear him play he told me I was in luck cos he was playing the organ the following morning in St Michael’s church in Observatory, they were doing a Mozart High Mass piece and we were welcome to come.

We did!  and more on that later.

All in all I really enjoyed the Sutherland trip.  On Friday when we arrived in town the skies were low, grey and black and as the night pulled in the place became more and more eerie and mysterious, and of course, increasingly frigid.  We met some people at dinner and they advised us to drive up to the Observatory‘s gate and see some stars, which we did.  On the road there we switched our lights off.  The darkness was a thick heavy blanket and the stars that appeared briefly out of the cloud cover could not be called stars, so dense and many they really struck awe into my heart.  We got out of the car at the gate, the night was pitch, pitch black and  I mean, I run out of adjectives when I try to describe the cold.  Icy, frigid, freezing, none of these words quite cover it .. I’m off to check the Thesaurus…hold on…

Icy gives us this (arctic might be the closest description for the air at the gate that night):

algific, antarctic, arctic, biting, bitter, chill, chilled to the bone, chilling, chilly, cold, freezing, frigid, frigorific, frost-bound, frosty, frozen over, gelid, glacial, glaring, iced, polar, raw, refrigerated, rimy, shivering, shivery, sleeted, smooth as glass

Another thing that struck me about Sutherland was the eeriness I referred to above.  Perfect setting for a film noir thriller….  I think I need to get back there… and write one, or at least a short story.

And did you know the poet N P van Wyk Louw was born there?

here’s his poem Ballade van die Nagtelike Ure:

Ons liefde het uitgeblom

tussen elfuur en kwart oor twee –

hier sit ek onder die dagbreek

half-nugter en verlee

op koel stoeptreetjies êrens

waar ek ‘n blink waterkraan sien

in die ure van die donker dors

tussen twaalfuur en smôrens om tien.

Om elfuur was jou liggaam

die honger en dors in my,

as jou skewe papier-kalot

ver deur die danssaal gly.

Om twaalfuur was jy ‘n ligte brug,

‘n hoë, gevaarlike gang

bo my klein verwildering

tussen pyn en sterwe gehang.

Om eenuur was jou hare

vir my vingers ‘n bose strik,

en jou lyf soos swart stil water

en jou asem soos ‘n snik.

En nou het die môre my

oor die rand van sy glas gemors

op die stoep by die kraan wat blink

in die uur van die donker dors.

Beautiful piece of work – how’s that line: “en jou lyf soos swart stil water..”!  Sjoe!!

well, the entire thing actually took my breath away.  Like the night air in Sutherland.

Hysterical Karaoke – like a David Lynch Movie (Part I) : David Byrne comes to Town

Published 04/06/2012 by Saint

We had the most hysterical time at karaoke on Saturday night, did my sister, Antony and I.  None of us were as much in the mood for going as we should have been but by the time the floor opened we changed our tune rapidly because of the bunch of extremely eccentric types that suddenly materialised.

The dude who opened the singing was the seemingly self styled “Rocking Rick” and he took it upon himself to introduce his songs with a little bit of the history/trivia surrounding the artist, the era, the song meaning etc and he moved around the floor like a latter day Dean Martin, with all the flash moves and charming smiles to the audience which at that time consisted of like, five people, the three of us included.  He was very amusing.  Good voice but very amusing.

The next chap who caught our attention was this fella, who looked like the Tableview version of David Byrne from Talking Heads (he insisted on these pink sunglasses which he wore all night long):



HYSTERICAL!  HE WAS EVEN MORE HILARIOUS COS HE TOOK HIMSELF AND HIS MUSIC VERY SERIOUSLY.. (SORRY FOR CAPS)… He spent absolute ages poring over the files choosing his songs but at the end of it all I think we only heard him sing “You”ve Lost that Loving Feeling”   and Suspicious Minds, both of which he did in a way that had the three of us rolling around….

I forgot!! My sister recorded him!! he had this way of saying BABY in the “You’ve lost that loving feeling” song that had us roaring with laughter…  WordPress not allowing an upload but if I get it right you”ll hose yourself too and you”ll hear us in the background singing “BEBE BEBE” with him…. Might have to upload to FB instead…

I went to get the file from him and got embroiled in a conversation I couldn’t make head or tail of – felt like I’d consumed the better part of a bottle of brandy cos I couldn’t even begin to understand what he was driving at – seemingly he was saying the music was not what we expected, dunno if he meant in the files or on the floor, or the singers, or what… I just nodded  and smiled fondly at him and said Pardon a lot and then retreated clutching the file….

He had a sister who looked just like him except that she never had a smidgeon of his sartorial elegance and was dressed in pants and a pink top and looked like she’d just come out of the nearest bus stop or shelter under a bridge somewhere and she seemed to be his biggest fan… she was quite something in her own right…

Honestly, we felt like we’d had some acid dropped on us, the night was too much. I cant even go into the other people yet cos just playing the video of this bloke has my sister and I rolling around again.

Part II to follow…..

a scream!! really!!

Fantastic Journey, amazing people!!

Published 29/05/2012 by Saint

Lately I’ve been on an incredibly interesting journey, both in my head and in my life.  During my marriage I developed a way of operating that was functional but not much fun.  I did all that was required of me (and a lot more) and I most certainly must’ve looked the part but I wasn’t engaged, wholly, not in my heart, or at least, not for a long, long time.  Not that Mike and I fought, we usually got on well, but there was a limit to our interaction… like a line drawn we could both see but never discussed.

In past weeks I’ve “met” a range of very interesting people and formed incredible bonds with a good couple of them.  The bonds were forged almost instantaneously and thoroughly, if I can put it like that; the result being an ability to talk to these certain people (and be spoken back to by them) in a curiously, thoroughly intimate way. In a way I never spoke to my husband in all the eleven years I’ve been married to him. And I’m not necessarily talking about sex here. I’m talking about me having opened myself up to any possibilities:  be they discussions, ideas, approaches, thoughts, wants, needs, knowledge, ignorance… just anything.  I’m open to it all.  I’m not closing any doors, I’m not avoiding, forbidding (mentally or vocally) any paths I or anyone else might want to walk down.  I feel almost as if I’m walking through a jungle, say, and someone just says oh, what’s down here?  and I say, I dunno but let’s go check. And we go check. And it’s fun. We laugh, a lot.  I woke myself up, laughing, last night.

The results of this …. what can I call it… this… unencumbered approach have been astonishing in that I find myself very very happy, most of the time.  I’m energised, I’m alive, I feel like I’m bubbling over with interest in everything around me.  My dreams are vivid, bold swathes of colour, form, the stories springing fully made, into my sub-conscious mind…

My pre-dawn walks on the beach with my sister and the dogs are also amazing! I mean I thought it’d be a schlepp, when we undertook to do them; I thought I’d battle to get up, battle with the cold, feel the whole thing was a drag but when you walk outdoors and see the blue velvet sky and the cold remote stars, and there’s hardly a soul in the streets but you, you feel like you’re really walking IN life.  Not past it.

Incredible journey.  Really amazingly incredible.

For all of you who are making it so beautiful for me – you all know who you are – thank you so very much.  This is really amazing!

And here’s my latest obsession.  Axl Rose.  Another red head!!


Elvis!!! Again!! Still!!! Forever!!!!

Published 24/05/2012 by Saint

I dunno how many blogs I have written about Elvis during my more-than-a-decade of blogging history. My more stalwart readers may groan and say, ” Oh Lord not AGAIN”, if they see me start heading down the Elvis route but anyone who truly loves the King, like I do will jump up, punch the air and say “YEAH!  Another Elvis blog!  Yay!”

In any event tonight we’re going to Grand West Casino to see an Elvis Tribute concert so I’m so super excited I’ve almost convinced myself I’ll be seeing the man himself.

[Speaking of which, if you never caught it on Facebook, at supper the night before last, my sister asks our mom whether she wants to come to the Elvis concert at Grand West with us. Silence. Then: “But he’s dead isn’t he?” Mom says in baffled tones. We nearly choked on our supper. While we’re trying to recover she adds: “No I don’t think I’ll go thanks, I don’t like seances”. You can only imagine the rest folks! That woman should get a twitter account I always say! ROFLMAO].

I love Elvis for the following reasons:

  • he had a good and dry sense of humour
  • he must’ve been brave breaking the mould like he did with his hip shaking pelvis rocking performances
  • also for a white boy to sing “nigger” songs at that time in history was extraordinary
  • he loved people
  • he loved music
  • he loved God
  • he believed in a spiritual realm beyond the one that we see
  • he was an idealist, wanted a better world
  • he had a vocal range that was extraordinary
  • he was fucking hot
  • he loved:
    •  horses
    • cars
    • not women, really
    • food
    • and gospel music
    • geetars

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?????  Tee hee!

The King!!




“Deep in my heart there’s a trembling question

Still I am sure that the answer, answer’s gonna come somehow

Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle, yeah

And while I can think, while I can talk

While I can stand, while I can walk

While I can dream, please let my dream come true,

oh Right now, let it come true right now Oh yeah”



click here to watch the video if embed doesn’t work: