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The Art of Female Masturbation/Vaginal Stimulation or how to get your woman hot…. Part I

Published 29/06/2012 by Saint

Poor blog!  sadly neglected! Hehe!

How many of you women masturbate daily?  How many masturbate a couple of times a week?  How many watch yourselves when you’re doing it?  How many recoil in horror at the very idea of masturbating?  When was the last time any woman reading this blog masturbated?  What do you masturbate with if you do?  Toys, or just your hands (I’m a just my hands kinda girl). Do you have an elaborate mental fantasy or fantasies to help stimulate yourselves sexually?  Have you ever shown your partner how you like to touch yourself so he knows how to do it to you?

Men need a firmer, faster touch than women do and often they make the mistake of touching us as firmly as/as fast as/as quickly as they touch themselves,  While there is a time in any woman’s masturbation session for speed or firmness in my case the order of the day is very much gentle smooth and consistent.  A slow, slow, stroking, languid movement that starts at the bottom of the vagina and moves slowly and sensually over the outer labia for some time before moving to the inner labia gets me very excited.  By the time the inner lips are touched the vagina will be slick, hot and wet.  Patience is also very necessary. Difficult for a man because a man’s instinct once he has an erection is to put it in a hot vagina.  This causes a problem when the vagina is not hot or wet enough.

Once the inner labia are touched the heat rises exponentially.  At this stage you should be rubbing them from the bottom up and over the clitoris, or from the top down, whatever pleases you better: I like from the bottom up, I find it very exciting and that very light almost fleeting touch of the clit makes me start to writhe which is the first sign of massive excitement for me.

I’ll carry on with Part II tomorrow.  Your thoughts, ideas and impressions plus any stories you would like to share, either in the blog comments or privately with me via email or im or bbm or whatever else-em, would be most welcome.

I’d love to hear from both sexes on this one.




Swinging for me – a Re-post of a 2010 blog

Published 05/06/2012 by Saint

I’ve been toying, for some time, with the idea of attending a swingers’ party.  I’m keen on the idea because I am an extremely sensual individual and I love the idea of having sex with several people of both sexes at once, with no strings attached.


In my time I’ve had a number of threesomes, but, as I have explained in other blogs of mine, invariably these experiments led to disaster. In one such experiment, I was working with a woman and we hit it off very sexually, to the extent we would even go into the toilet at work to kiss and grope one another.


We were also staunch drinking partners and drank together whenever we could.  I found her a hell of a turn-on cos she also seemed to have very few mental barriers when it came to sex and I remember having one of the most mind blowing orgasms under her hands, one night past midnight when we were standing kissing in her kitchen with her husband and children asleep.


In time one thing led to another and one night she came to me as I slept on the couch and said her husband had evinced an interest in having a threesome and was I interested. At this stage I had already had a couple of threesomes and I knew the various ways they could go wrong but I reckoned she was pretty broad minded and that we were close enough to make it work, so I agreed. Bad mistake.


the part where she and I were kissing and making love was all fine, the part when her husband started kissing me and making love to me became un-fine though it was not apparent at the time. In fact it only became apparent the next day when things between her and I became distinctly chilly and she more or less accused me of trying to take away her husband by seducing him and showing him things the two of them never did in bed.  I looked at her in a kind of amazed wonder, at the time I was not yet aware of the depths of self-delusion people are capable of. Somehow, in her brain, I had concocted the entire scheme.


Anyway, long story short we parted company thereafter and she tried hard to cling to her marriage and make whatever reparations her husband thought she owed him; they went away into their own little enclave and tried between them to make me feel I had come blundering over the sacred territory of their marriage and fucked things up good and proper.


After that I decided I would NEVER AGAIN have any kind of threesome/foursome or more-some with anyone who was involved with one of the parties, or indeed, with anyone I remotely knew. I have successfuly lived by this credo ever since, and that is why now my adventurous mind wants to turn me in the direction of a swingers’ party where, we can assume, I shall know NO ONE!


I really want to go for it.  Frolicking around in the hot tub with some luscious girls and rolling around with some horny guys under the moonlight – all I can say is BRING IT ON!


Have any of you ever done anything like this? A swingers’ party?


I’m ready!

Sex Sites and Moi

Published 23/05/2012 by Saint

There are certain things that focus your own knowledge about yourself, in this life.  The dating game is one of those.

More lately I joined a sex site, as I got tired of the drivel the dating people spoke, all about moonlit walks and every singe last one of them a complete alcoholic by the sounds of it, especially those from the Western Cape.  There must be some cult going on down here cos they all seemingly love the beach, they are crazy about nature and the outdoors (beginning to wonder if “nature and the outdoors” isn’t some kind of dogdy sexual euphemism recognised by those in the know!), quaff huge quantities of red wine (no other drink will do, seemingly) and roll around in front of log fires day in and day out.  Cardboard cutouts, I found.  *snore*.

I decided to go to the source, so to speak. Put myself out there as looking for sex and see what I came up with.  You’d be surprised to hear the people I’ve found are better, more interesting and mostly more direct than on the rather tamer dating sites.  So far I’ve met two people, but meeting a third tonight.  The only awkwardness is that now you”ve said you’re in it for sex, you’re expected to, you know, have sex. ….. !!! LOL!    Well I’m not detailing YET what I have done about that one…. maybe you’ll get the lowdown on that in a blog to follow.

I will say though, that my searches have uncovered the following about my tastes in men:

  • I’ve always known I love slender men, lithe might be the word, not excessively built but defined, if you know what I mean.
  • Cant bear overly muscular men but have discovered I do like a bit of muscle
  • I also, conversely, enjoy large men, usually they’re quite jolly and good fun I find
  • I’m attracted to men’s mouths, if he has a hot mouth I look twice at the profile. Same goes for hands
  • MUST be intelligent
  • and funny if possible
  • and affectionate
  • maybe a bit wry, like he thinks the whole thing’s also a bit of a laugh
  • Prefer light coloured eyes, green being my favourite
  • Not keen on beards or stubble, like clean shaven, relatively hairless men
  • Having said that, not keen on shaved genital areas.  Seems a bit effeminate to me
  • would feel the same about bleached bum areas.  A bit toooooo much attention being paid to the nether regions, is my view.  leaves you to wonder how much goes on upstairs.
  • Quite like the guys with pics of their dicks in the profiles
  • Prefer circumcised to uncircumcised
  • Prefer younger men by far
  • They’ve got more energy
  • They’re sweeter
  • They’ve got no baggage (or little)
  • They seem quite clear on what they want and like
  • Avoid married men
  • Not keen on blonde men
  • Don’t like men who pose with their bums showing first.
  • Like pics of confident-looking men
  • Like decisive men
  • Like nice teeth

I’ll share more about my sex sites journey as I go along. Meeting someone else tonight.

Will apprise.

But ja, all this talk of sex and lurking about on sex sites makes you want to meet someone you can do this with:

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